No bargaining at Judgment Day

When we look at Matthew 25:1-13, we see a parable that is well known to many.  This parable is about 10 virgins who were to light lamps when a groom arrived for a wedding feast.  Five of them were wise enough to get adequate supplies and prep their lamps in anticipation of the groom’s coming.  The other five decided to use only the supplies they already had.  When the groom arrived, the five foolish virgins went to get supplies and wound up outside the wedding feast unable to gain access.


What’s interesting to me is the larger discussion around this parable.  In Matthew 24, Jesus is answering questions from the disciples.  One question is about when the destruction of Jerusalem would occur (which we know occurred in A.D. 70).  The other question was about when Judgment Day would come.  In Matthew 24:36, Jesus made is clear that only God the Father knows the exact day.  This parable fits in that larger discussion about the need for adequate preparation and labor in anticipation of Jesus return in the clouds.


As I was studying this parable tonight, one thing that stood out to me is the finality of the decision.  When the five foolish virgins ask the lord for entrance to the feast.  But, the lord proclaims that he does not know who they are.  All of the virgins had the same task to perform.  All had the same amount of time and opportunity to prepare.  So, the blame lies solely on those who lightly esteemed the task and failed to do their job.  So, shall it be at the Judgment Day.  Some believe that God’s grace will cover all sins and everyone will be saved.  Some believe they will bargain with God and basically give a good enough sales pitch that God will give them entrance.  Yet, this parable properly applied, shows that those who fail to prepare and serve God in this life, will be lost forever.


You cannot bargain with God when Judgment Day comes.  So, please trim your metaphorical lamps now while there is still time.  If you have questions on how to do this, feel free to drop me a line.


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