Pondering Your Existence

It’s often good for us to ponder our existence.  It can give us perspective and cause us to make positive changes in our lives.  Below are several questions for believers in God to consider.  I may have a post for atheists, agnostics, and other religions another time.  For now, this is specifically for those who believe in God.  I would ask you to please consider each of these in turn.  And as you do, please don’t rush from one to the other.  Give each question the time it needs and deserves:


  • If you were to die in the next 5 minutes, where would your soul go?
  • How do you know that’s where your soul would go?
  • Upon what do you base your answer to the last question?  Is it a family member, friend, pastor/priest/reverend/preacher, or other person in your life?  Or is it from direct Bible study?
  • If your answer to the last question is from someone you know, how confident are you that they are right?  What would happen to you if they are wrong?  Are you willing to stake eternity on another person’s beliefs?
  • If your basis is upon Bible study, is such study from what others told you to study?  Or is it based upon independent research by yourself?


Life is very precious.  Eternal life is even more precious.  Romans 3:23 tells us that all have sinned.  Romans 6:23 tells us that the wages of sin is death.  Hebrews 9:27 tells us that it is appointed for men to die once and then to face the judgment of God.  Matthew 7:13-14 makes it clear that very few will enter Heaven.

I personally want to leave this life and go be with my Savior.  But, I cannot do that merely by wishing it to be so.  Nor, can I be with Him merely by hoping or assuming I am right with God.  And from looking at passages like Ezekiel 18, I know that just I won’t be condemned for the actions of others, neither can I enter Heaven riding on their coat tails.  Instead, where I spend eternity rests solely upon me: whether I have obeyed or disobeyed my God.  It doesn’t mean I’ve earned it, nor deserve it.  Instead, God will judge us based on whether or not we obeyed Him, see John 12:48-50 and Matthew 7:21-23.


What were your answers to the questions?  Did they scare you?  Would you like to be able to honestly give better answers?  I would love the opportunity to help you and share the gospel if so.  I promise to give you book, chapter, and verse, so that you can do your own independent verification of what God wants from you.  Please don’t let doubt, fear, anger, or any other human failing keep you from your God.  And I will strive to do likewise.  Let’s all work to be closer to, and more like, our God today!


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